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Gula, also known as Ninkarrak, was a Mesopotamian healer, and medicine woman. She was one of the most important deities in the pantheon of the ancient Sumerians, who lived in what is now modern-day Iraq between the 4th and 3rd millennium BCE.
As a healer and medicine woman, Gula was associated with both physical and spiritual health. She was believed to have the power to cure a wide range of illnesses and diseases. She was also associated with childbirth and fertility and was often invoked by women seeking a successful pregnancy.

Gaya Venture’s mission is to be a leader in the world’s healing process and provide physical and spiritual wellness treatments that will result in longevity and a healthy mind-body, and soul connection so everyone can live to their full potential.
This is why we choose Gula as the brand name meaning HEALING THE WORLD.

Gula Health Centers

A Longevity Clinics empowered by AI, Gaya Ventures is actively acquiring clinics, with existing client loyalty that provide a positive cash flow from day one. The existing acquisition targets provide a fertile platform to integrate existing services throughout all locations and additional products, med tech, and services for increased profitability and top-line revenues.

Gula Wellness Operation

Is an online wellness marketplace powered by AI that sales branded products to the clinic clients under the following categories

Gula World

The Value of AI to the Operation

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for wellness clinics to create a loyal client base. Here are some ways that AI can be used to improve client loyalty:

Personalized recommendations

AI algorithms can analyze client data, such as their health history and preferences, to provide personalized recommendations for wellness treatments and services. This can help clients feel like they are receiving individualized attention and care, which can increase loyalty.

Predictive analytics

AI can be used to analyze client behavior and preferences, as well as external factors such as weather and time of year, to predict when clients may be most likely to book an appointment or purchase a wellness product. This can help clinics proactively reach out to clients and offer promotions or discounts to encourage repeat business.

Virtual assistants

AI-powered virtual assistants can provide clients with personalized and interactive support, such as answering questions about wellness treatments or booking appointments. This can help clients feel more connected to the clinic and build trust and loyalty.

Feedback analysis

AI can be used to analyze client feedback, such as online reviews and survey responses, to identify areas where the clinic can improve its services or offerings. This can help the clinic make data-driven decisions that improve the client experience and increase loyalty.

Marketing automation

AI-powered marketing automation tools can help clinics stay in touch with clients and offer personalized promotions and content that keep clients engaged and loyal.

Overall, AI can help wellness clinics provide personalized, data-driven experiences that build trust and loyalty with their clients. By leveraging the power of AI, clinics can create a competitive advantage in the crowded wellness industry and increase customer lifetime value.